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Shatayushi is a journal published as an annual Diwali issue in Marathi Language for Health Education of the masses. So far, 32 such issues have been published. The publication Shatayushi is one of the highest sold & widely circulated Marathi publications with a sale of around 50000 copies and a readership around 16 lakhs. The publication has the prestigious Membership of Audit Bureau of Circulation, India and has also won several coveted Awards. Shatayushi is the most sustained activity, of the institution for health Education of the Masses as an approach towards Preventive and Positive health. It is not merely a journal or a magazine published as a traditional or a commercial activity but, it is a - a health movement for healthy and hygienic life.


Emerald is a great way to discover Costa Rica and for you also to have a good idea before your trip in CR.It contains : recipes, travel tips, articles, pictures, videos. Every day our team select the finest content for you. We want to give a daily concentrate of the Costa Rican's essence and lifestyle. Nature is beautiful. Enjoy it through our app.Costa Rica is the pura vida.


BlogNews is a full native App for iPhone and has been built in response to the demand from the owners of Wordpress Blog / Magazine who want to offer to their users a professional iPhone App.

Features :
  • SlideShow using images from web server
  • Automatically grab the news from your blog / magazine
  • Automatically grab the thumbnails from your posts
  • Google Analytics integrated
  • Social media integrated, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter
  • Custom design with the same style of the website.

Speed Tracker

A simple but yet awesome looking speed tracking application with integrated maps which is hidden to normal users. You can track your current speed, you maximum, and also your position: latitude, longitude and altitude values. And also a compass to use your phone’s every ability to find the way out of the desert. Also comes with a map, which is just one slide away to be revealed. You can also share your current speed datas with your Facebook, twitter friends or send them via email.

Features :
  • Core Location – to display location datas and compass
  • Displays location informations
  • Have an analog and digital compass
  • Localized in 4 languages: English, German, French and Hungarian
  • Supports iOS 5+ and iPhone 5
  • Retina display


An awesome route tracking application which uses the iPhones’ (all iOS devices) built in GPS to determine the user’s location. It’s not just a speed tracking application it does more than that. Of course you can use it just to track you speed, but this app can do more than that.

This app is suitable for tracking your location wherever you go, and if you say start stacking it will record the whole path you’re taking while it is turned on. The app stores all information to Core Data, so no matter what, your data is always stored. The app can run in the background too, since it uses location data, so doesn’t matter if you put this app into the background, it will still track your path.

Features :
  • Saving route coordinates
  • Use it to track running, walking, jogging, biking, driving, etc.
  • Idle timer disabled to prevent the app from going to the background without user interaction
  • Localized in 4 languages: English, German, French and Hungarian
  • Supports iOS 5+ and iPhone 5
  • Retina display
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