Once you become an Image Online client, you can rest assured that we work like your own IT backend. We are ready to act, at a topmost priority, for any additional requirement on your website.

Several clients as well as web designing companies prefer a monthly “Use it or lose it” maintenance contract. This ensures that a dedicated team works on the Regular website maintenance requests and the changes can be carried out on the same day. If required, we can study the type and frequency of the changes you expect, and provide you a monthly Website maintenance contract.

If you feel that you will not have regular / monthly updates on your website, we do not insist on monthly maintenance contract on “Use it or lose it” basis.

At Image Online, we have a dedicated Website maintenance team ready to attend to your problems and requests, almost immediately (within a maximum of 24 hours). We are already catering to more than 35+ clients but we do not charge them every month, we charge them only when we work for them.

Our standard web designing package readily covers you for up to 12 free minor changes (annually). Yes, we do not disturb your accounts and admin departments for small, once a month changes!

We can provide following kinds of regular Website maintenance services:

  • Adding new page’s
  • Adding of new image’s
  • Modifying / changing text / images on existing pages
  • Creating and uploading special announcements
  • Designing and publishing festival offers and wishes
  • Temporary announcement about participation in events / exhibition
  • Converting your e-mailer into HTML and uploading it on your website as an archive
  • Uploading annual reports, financial reports and news about your company
We provide flexible rate plans to suit your needs:
  • If you have small task we quote per hour
  • If you need, we can quote per unit cost, for instance - per page, per image, per banner, etc.
  • If you know exactly when and how much you want to publish, we can quote flat monthly charges as well

Allow us to manage and maintain your website, so that you can manage your business!

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